Business in The Age of Covid

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It is an unprecedented time for modern-day businesses. Covid-19 has shaken the world to its core and has required adaptation by businesses to stay afloat. Not only are businesses affected, but authors as well. Gone are the days of in-person book signings, lest you tempt fate. So, how do we stay afloat? The short answer is to embrace the internet and use every available resource it provides. In this article, we talk about how a small business like us has been facilitating business and personal growth for businesses and individuals alike. If you are a business owner, author, struggling freelancer, or job seeker then this article is for you.

Businesses, Authors, and Job Seekers

The not so secret key to great business growth is marketing. Bottom line upfront, you will need a website with the ability to blog and sell, email, and promotional content creation tools; yes we have it all. To establish your brand, you are going to need a website; plain and simple. Whether you are a start-up business, established business, or book author, you need a website to direct clients to. This has become especially true for authors, as book signings are a great marketing tool but Covid has limited this function. Some businesses can now take their business online and sell products from a good safe distance. As an added benefit, having a website allows users to blog about their products. Blogging is important because it’s the connection between the business/author and clients. Blog about product updates, upcoming events, or show your customer appreciation. Job seekers can use our cheaper WordPress plan to create a portfolio, adding to your overall professionalism.

What We Offer

So what do we offer to help you? We offer a managed WordPress plan that includes amazing benefits (SEO enhancements, daily backups, malware scans, and more) and is backed by our profound gratitude for your support. We sell other hosting and domain products but we like to promote WordPress because of its versatility in blogging and web store capabilities. You can find out more about our WordPress hosting by reading this post by us explaining how to get WordPress running in 10 minutes.

Running a business means you need to keep track of emails, calendar events, and the ability to create promotional materials. What If we told you that we sell Microsoft 365, formally O365, subscriptions with no contract? You get a professional email tied to your domain, the power of Outlook with Outlook Calendar, and Microsoft Office applications (Online Essentials plan required). Sound too good to be true? It’s not, you can learn more about Microsoft 365 here. Business owners would benefit from Microsoft Excel to create financial reports and store them safely in the cloud. Authors would benefit from PowerPoint and Word to create book promotional material. Everyone would benefit from the most powerful email client in the world, Microsoft Outlook.

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